Check,track and
report maintenance
issues to your shop.

Hire ShopCat as your fleet and shop
manager. Worries be gone.

ShopCat Features

Run your fleet, plan your fixes, communicate priorities - from everywhere you work.

Planned Maintenance

ShopCat tracks planned maintenance by mileage and automates work orders to your mechanic when service is due.

Daily Vehicle Inspection

Put your team members in charge of keeping their vehicles productive.

Work Orders

Let your team members succeed by giving them a way to report maintenance issues.

Get Notified!

I want to plan on my vehicles running for tomorrow's big job.

No More Paper

Oh please. It’s in the clouds.

Garage Talk

ShopCat opens (garage) doors and makes the conversation happen between mechanics, crew members, boss-man/girl-boss, and fleet managers.

Get organized with ShopCat

Broken trucks and equipment are holding your team back.

  • Daily Vehicle Inspection

    Online, and available across devices. Because nobody uses paper. Plus, your mechanic is automatically notified when drivers enter vehicle issues in ShopCat. Can a piece of paper do that?

  • Planned Maintenance

    It’s like a vitamin, boring but important. Your trucks and equipment have maintenance that is pre-planned. ShopCat tracks it by mileage/hours and automates work orders to notify decision makers. Bingo! No more trucks running 10,000 miles over an oil change.


Productive Equipment

Your equipment is part of your fleet. It takes, moves, pushes, pulls, loads, unloads, mows and dumps. It needs love too.

  • Maintenance

    With ShopCat you can build actionable Daily Maintenance checklists. Your employee finds a hydraulic leak on the skid steer. No problem, make a Work Order and the right people get notified.

  • Work Orders

    Report maintenance issues and keep equipment running.


No-Contract, Simple Month-to-Month Pricing

All Garages

Up to Unlimited machines
  • Unlimited Users
  • Time Tracking
  • Reports
  • Cloud Storage
  • 24/7 Support

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ShopCat runs your fleet, equipment and repairs.
Run your fleet.
Run your Equipment.
Run your repairs.


ShopCat: Productive Trucks and Equipment

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